Wednesday, November 15, 2006

AIM 6.0

AIM 6.0 came out today, and I must say I'm pretty impressed.

Features I like:
  • AIM profile pages that include information like the "member since" date. You'll see that I've stubbornly used my screenname since November 2, 1998. I've only found one person with an earlier start date.
  • Offline messaging: This is not a new feature, since ICQ has had it since 1997. It's a welcome addition though.
  • Grouped IMs (sending to multiple people at once)
  • Tabbed browsing, AIM logging, Aliasing: These are also DeadAIM and Trillian features.
  • Blogger integration! People using 6.0 will see an icon next to my name when I update this thing. There is no escape.
  • Cell phone IMing
  • Modularity: They've released plugins and are allowing developers to create more.
  • Songs in the profile: The %song tag. Not that anyone cares. An iChat import, I think.
Features I dislike:
  • The "IM catcher" window only catches new IMs. Old conversations with new IMs stay in the old window. I think. It's confusing.
  • The ad window plays loud advertisements whenever the mouse rolls over, which has happened several times by accident. This act, as well as popups that steal focus, should be a federal crime.
  • The aliases show up in quotes.

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