Monday, October 23, 2006


Weekend Updates:

-The Michigan Stadium renovation schematics are out. I love them, and I know more people who disliked the idea of expansion but came around once the design was revealed than vice versa. It's classy and classical, it matches the look and feel of other buildings around campus (even new ones), and it won't look dated in 20 years.

-I never posted about Penn State last week, so here's the bland compilation video. I tried to embed it but it's too wide and the page explodes.

-Weird Al is getting mainstream recognition, as his new album has cracked the top 10. The "White and Nerdy" video is hilarious, and he clearly hasn't lost his touch. I just discovered "All About the Pentiums" a few weeks ago. His approach seems to be like that of Bill Amend with Foxtrot -- who cares about the masses; cater to your nerdier fanbase and you will be just as successful and perhaps even more revered.

-The Michigan Daily launched their redesign today. The fonts are sharp, but used oddly and inconsistently. Generally it's just smaller and harder to read.

-An Angry Dude came in to work this morning upset that we've now given him the wrong book twice. This second time the title was in Arabic, when he wanted an English book about Greek history. The offending library that twice sent us the wrong book and paperwork? THE Ohio State University.

-Michigan is 8-0. Wow. I'm fully prepared for us to mail it in for three weeks and have everyone freaking out before the Biggest Game in the History of Ever @ OSU in less than a month. But as always, I'm putting my faith in the Ron English Revolution. Last year in the fourth quarter, our defense would've softly trotted out on the field before sitting back in a 2-deep zone and letting our opponents cruise to victory. This year, coming out of a timeout, the defense huddled on the field and just started swaying back and forth. I got goosebumps. That's the swagger we've been needing. Literally.

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Agatha said...

I have always been a closet fan of Weird Al ever since Amish Paradise... when we were little, my sister used to play one of his CDs over and over.