Monday, October 02, 2006

Au revoir, gopher

The greatest moment of Michigan's victory over Minnesota wasn't from Chad Henne's arm or Mike Hart's legs, but when the team crossed the field to reclaim the Little Brown Jug. Instead of hysterically sprinting over and dancing around, they walked slowly across the field, businesslike, arm in arm, in a steady pace led by Chad Henne. Of course when they reclaimed the Jug they broke out into celebration, but before that, it was measured and stern, intense and focused. Like it should've been. The mere fact that the trophy was on the Gopher sideline was offensive and embarrassing to those players. They didn't need to go crazy over finally winning it; they needed to carefully bring it back to where it belongs.

Garrett Wolfe, despite his totally ridiculous stats so far, is not going to win the Heisman. Sure he gained 353 yards this week... against MAC patsy Ball State. Fortunately, even nonpartial journalists in Seattle are seeing the light. This Seattle Times article is good for two reasons: it explains his inflated numbers against consistently mediocre teams, and it says he's not as good as Michigan running back Mike Hart. Nice to see a little transcontinental love for my favorite Michigan player (ever?). Let's hope Mr. Hart goes for 400 against Ball State next month.

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Matt's Little Brother said...

I was sweating at the end, there was something familliar about a fourth quarter scenario that smelled an awful lot like Lansing, but alas, the Defense showed why they deserve to be considered one of the best, shutting down any hope the Gophers might've had as the closing seconds of the game approached.