Monday, October 30, 2006

Don't drive with Danielle

In the last two months, Danielle has bad luck driving and apparently has become good at getting tickets where warnings would more than suffice. Today she was ticketed for making an illegal left turn from Division onto Huron (admittedly a stupid intersection where the left turn lane appears out of nowhere). To make it worse, she had a cop in front of her and behind her at the intersection and tried to drive extremely safely. There were no cars in the left turn lane, there was nobody in danger at any point. The Man just had to reach his monthly ticket quota.

Her other ticket was for recklessly terrorizing downtown Kalamazoo at seven miles per hour over the speed limit.


MrGoalie01 said...

Jessica rear-ended a car last Monday and got a ticket for that, and I got a ticket a few years back for running a yellow light.

I weep when I see the insurance bill come in the mail.

Bryan Mulder said...

So 7 miles over means... 37 mph? What a monster.

Anonymous said...

Well, the lesson here is don't make an illegal left turn. It will cost you $130 and 3 points on your licence.

And, dont drive with Danielle. She is a cop magnent.