Monday, October 30, 2006

The Departed

I saw The Departed last night, and, uh, wow. It's incredible.

Unlike Bryan, who thought there wasn't any character development, I'd actually call it one of the movie's (small!) flaws. The therapist character was weak and confusing and many of her scenes served very little benefit. It also didn't need a 40-minute expository sequence.

But I agree that it was basically a comedy, though a very twisted one. Several times I caught myself laughing when I should've been horrified.

I don't want to write more for risk of spoilers, so comments will be kept to stylistic descriptions: This was filmmaking at its absolute finest. It treated sound and silence as equals, understanding that each can be as impactful as the other. Even the classic rock soundtrack jumps in and out of diegetic control, especially as Scorsese changes his rhythm in the second half. The editing was precise and tactful, and subtle touches like the use of quick freeze-frames during the climactic shootout (c'mon, you knew there was one) were executed well. Two mutilated thumbs up. See this movie.


Bryan Mulder said...

I agree with you about the therapist. I thought her unnecesary, and my intuition when watching the movie was that Hollywood added her because you always need a love interest. This intuition seems born out by the fact that she didn't exist in the Hong Kong original.

phil said...

wow, you really are majoring in film