Monday, October 09, 2006


The jump to Blogger was further justified today as Picasa now has a "blogthis!" button to eliminate one more step between me and online photos.

Michigan dominated MSU this weekend for their fifth consecutive victory over the sParties. It was a beautiful weekend for football and I even ended up getting pretty sunburned. The Maize Out was outstanding once again, proving that I was right all along and blue shirts were the worst idea since Greedo shooting first.

MSU fans harbor an annoying inferiority complex with Michigan and they always jump at an opportunity to point out how they can learn/party/play sports/field a marching band just as good or better than Michigan's. Well, the band had a great chance to prove it on Saturday during pregame, when their two drum majors attempt backbends at the same time! Theoretically impressive! Except, doing it with the hat on is a cop-out and a handicap. So what does it mean when, during said easy, hatted backbend, you fall?

It means you lose. Sorry Sparty.


Bryan Mulder said...

Your link to me in your sidebar is mispelled and broken. In protest, I will not add any reciprocal linkage until this slight is corrected!

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