Wednesday, September 02, 2009


In case you haven't heard, I have accepted a position as the online marketing coordinator and web designer at Celebration! Cinema. The job offer came after a rigorous, 3-round interview process (for which they received 250 applications), during which I created two websites and a marketing proposal.

I will be using social media and networking tools to engage and interact with our current fans online, create promotions to attract new fans to our Facebook page, and work on redesigning the company sites.

I start on Wednesday the 9th. I am terribly excited.

And yes, the job includes free movies.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Danielle and I celebrated our first anniversary this weekend. Among other reasons, I had a big job interview to prepare for, so we stuck around town instead of traveling to Lake Michigan. We'll probably spend this weekend at her family's cabin.

We went to Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, a unique and very impressive place in Grand Rapids where we haven't actually been. They had fantastic collections of weird carnivorous plants, vast garden landscapes, and cool galleries of sculptures, including this DaVinci Horse.

For dinner, we ate at Cygnus 27 on the 27th (get it?) floor of the Amway Grand. Apparently it's been around for a while but was recently renovated on the interior. It's a very nice looking place. We sat right about where this picture was taken from, but looking out over the city instead of into the restaurant.

We exchanged gifts and sampled our wedding cake. I don't really understand this tradition but I understand that it is one. Anyway, it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. It helps that it was so good in the first place.
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Friday, July 24, 2009

Another month gone

And I've neglected the blog for another month. Sorry.

So, the 10 week contract didn't turn into a full-time job. I'm back looking again, but I have several prospects, had two interviews with a third on the way, and am one of two finalists for a web design & development job I'd very much like.

While working over the last couple months, my projects included all the HTML & CSS code for T4T and Breese Lawn & Garden. I also provided the initial design concepts for Symphono (final developed product varies slightly), a financial software company where my friend in Chicago works. Plus a couple other projects that haven't been launched yet. I'm also working on a website for Danielle's classroom now.

So I've still managed to stay busy, working on web designs and learning some jQuery in the meantime. Danielle is teaching summer school, making some extra money on these half days. Braylon is doing well too. Hopefully, I'll have good news on the job front very soon.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Oops -- I've neglected blogging for two months. My longest gap since 2001, I believe.

I've been busy. The 4 week contract turned into a 10 week contract, which ends this Friday. Even if it doesn't immediately become full time, I'll continue working there on a part time/contract basis. I'm doing some web design, and lots of HTML/CSS/jQuery code. The people are talented and fun to work with, and the office space is amazing. There are also pictures of it online. I'm putting in 10-20 extra hours a week on freelance projects as well.

Danielle is now done with school and thoroughly enjoying summer. It's been 10 days off and she's already been to the beach twice and to two hosted parties with teacher-friends, with a third tomorrow night at our place.

Other exciting things that have occurred over the last two months: Emily & Scott's wedding in Mackinac, Phil & Virginia's wedding in Indiana, and Tim & Grace's wedding in Utah. (Three more weddings to go this summer). The Red Wings. Finishing painting every room on the main floor. Braylon, and how he's so smart it's frustrating. The transition to digital TV. Consistent seventy degree weather. Daylight until 10pm. Oberon.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


On Monday I began a 4-week contract working at a small web design and digital creative studio in Grand Rapids. I'm doing front-end web development, including coding and design for current and upcoming projects and clients. They do video work too, including motion graphics, so there's potential for that down the line as well.

This week I'm working from home while we wait for their new computers to arrive, so I'll begin working downtown on Monday. It's located in an old repurposed factory building downtown, above my favorite bar, and the bus ride (which stops very close to our house) takes about 15 minutes. It's pretty exciting stuff, and I'm very grateful to have found it so quickly.

In addition to my new gig -- which sounds like it could turn into a full-time hire if I do well -- I'm still getting a decent amount of part-time work from my old job. In fact, I'll most likely be working 11 hour days this whole week. It's good to be busy again.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Dale Newman: Epilogue

Dale Michigan, who formerly owned the dilapidated Michigan Inn, crossed wires to steal electricity, and had a long history of refusing to return security deposits, had his day in court for his life-threatening DTE fraud.

How did it go? According to the Ann Arbor News [post edited 4/3 to add link], not very well:

Newman was arrested Feb. 4 after a scuffle with Washtenaw County security officers after he entered the courthouse, authorities said. He was charged with felony resisting and obstructing an officer, causing injury, officials said. That case is pending.

Brilliant. Par for the course. But that's not even the best news. DTE's lawsuit against him was settled last week, and here's the damage:
Ann Arbor landlord Dale Newman was ordered to pay DTE $637,273 after a judge found him guilty of utilities fraud and awarded triple the damages incurred.

DTE filed a complaint against Newman in October 2007, charging that he failed to pay for gas and electric services supplied to the properties he owned or managed in Ann Arbor. DTE alleged Newman engaged in utilities fraud that involved gas meters.

Beautiful. However, $637,000 is only about 250 security deposits; I'm sure he's been at it long enough to have it stashed for a felonious rainy day like this.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Scrabble Deluxe

Danielle beat me at Scrabble for the first time ever* tonight, thanks to the availability of additional letters and multipliers offered by the ridiculous Scrabble Deluxe board. It extends a few rows beyond a regular board and includes quadruple multipliers for letters, which means that "quench" on the board below was worth 100 damn points.


Two and a half hours and 1400 combined points later, she won comfortably.

*Her previous victory occurred in a game when we allowed a non-word to be played to relieve congestion.
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